Another kind of proximity search, the application is build on Neo4j and travel data from various sources (openstreetmap and german railways among others).

Based on a starting point, an accepted timeframe and configured travel options (car, train, plane) the application does calculate the reachable area.

The way everyone wants to choose where to be for its vacation. Rather than to fill out forms and select upfront from given options, we opted for the visual approach.

Using affiliate data to get the underlying list of offers, we've used the description from Wikipedia and copyright-free images from Flickr to enhance the presention.

Making it easy for the user we've included additional data on hotel ratings from Google+,, HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor.

An interview-aggregrator. Using almost 70 sources, we collected and analyzed about 20.000 interviews until .

We extract names of persons, cities and countries as well as company names with Apache OpenNLP. Feed them into Neo4j and Apache Solr, which allows the user to easily browse a persons interviews and navigate through the whole graph following all available relations.

Apache Lucene/Solr Committer

I've started contributing the new Admin UI to Apache Solr around , where i later on become a committer in .

The Admin UI is entirely browser-based, accessing all the APIs that Apache Solr exposes already. It's integrated in all releases we made since , where Apache Solr 4.0 was released — and it's still used as of today :)

Reviewer for Textbooks

I did several reviews on textbooks around Apache Solr and other Apache Technologies — including, but not limited to the following ones:

nu3 GmbH is using Apache Solr for its search functionality. When i was requested to improve the results, we started of with a hands-down workshop. Over time we integrated different features (like spellcheck, ngrams and others) and the team build several internal tools that helped (and to date still do help) their product managers to interact with the internals of their powerful search.

Peek & Cloppenburg KG

FortuneGlobe Munich needed an improved interface to manage arrival goods. We built a web-based interface for a multi-step process based. Integrated network label printers for one of the stations, and realized an automated storage flow.